5 Reiki Principles That You Need To Use To Improve Your Life

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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5 Reiki Principles That You Need To Use To Improve Your Life

Reiki principles encourage us to embody the reiki energy throughout the day, every day. They speak to the importance of one day at a time. Reiki helps you receive whatever energy you need right now for your highest good; the precepts help bring you back home, back to your spiritual home, back into balance. Here are the essential Five Reiki Precepts mantras you need to follow to have a happy and balanced life.

  1. Do not be angry
  2. Do not worry
  3. Be grateful
  4. Work diligently
  5. Be kind

Let’s dive into these beautiful principles~

Do Not Be Angry:

Negative emotions exist within us, and we can’t deny it, but anger is an action of our importance to that thought. The point is not to be angry. Don’t allow negative energy to nestle in and masquerade around as you. You can, will, and should feel the full range of emotions as part of your life’s journey, but let go of those feelings which do not serve your most outstanding and highest good.

Do Not Worry:

Don’t ignore emotions and situations by worry makes us become stressed and not find a solution but find the many problems in our life. This principle tells us to acknowledge the issue, work through it, feel the emotions, then – do not worry. Staying in the tight space of worry and anxiety will not solve the problem; it will only create more negative energy within you and cloud your ability to think, relatively, and from a place of love.

Be Grateful:

Gratitude is the attitude we need to have to lead a happy life. Be thankful to the universe for everything in your life, from the slightest to the significant parts. When we are in a state of genuine gratitude, whether for the simple act of opening our eyes each day to an important event that will change our life’s course, sincere gratitude forms a solid base for loving energy to work upon.

Work With Diligence:

In a world full of distractions in the form of phones, laptops and everything else, we need to find a way to be focused on our work and on ourselves. When doing any action, we should give it our full attention, focus, and care – that is diligence. It should be more important for us to act from a state of love – a state of graciousness – when we work than to simply tick the boxes in order to say “I’ve done it”.

Be kind:

Kindness is the superpower that makes you a better human being. This world can be harsh sometimes, but we need to remember to be kind. To animals, to humans, to every living thing, and be pure with our actions. Treat everyone how you wish to be treated and be the miracle everyone hopes to see one day. This doesn’t mean you will be at peak compassion at every moment. The key here is in the state of being. Sometimes kindness is as simple as letting someone else have the spotlight, while other times it may be more profound and moving for you and the recipient.

No matter how big or small, whenever you can – be kind.

Every being in the universe is connected at an energetic level. This life-giving energy is known as Ki – the Universal Life Force. We can work with this Ki energy to re-energise and revitalise our mind, body and soul. We hope this helps you, and these mantras add value to your life.

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