How to be Happy? A Simple Guide to a Better Life

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

Creative Writer & a happy soul :)

How to be Happy? A Simple Guide to a Better Life

how to be happy

“How can I get happy?”
It’s one of the most popular questions on Google, with more than 6 billion search results.
Everyone wants to be happy, but do we truly know how to achieve that?

We all want to be happy, right?
Isn’t that the end goal that’s always in sight?
But how do we reach this goal?
How can true happiness reach our soul?
Too often, we assume that happiness comes from outside
But the truth is real happiness comes from INSIDE.

We have the power to make small changes in our behaviour, our surroundings and our relationships that can help set us on course for a happier life. Here are a few ways in which you can be happy and content at the moment.

1: Don’t Worry, Just Relax And Believe In Yourself

This world can be a dark place from time to time.
So it would help if you learned how to create your own sunshine
Perspective is a great place to start
Think of every day like a new beautiful piece of art
Where some people may see a blank empty canvas,
Your positive perspective sees a frame that says, “I can do this.”
It’s not about how many things you have or how new those things are,
No, material things will only get you so far
It’s about being proud of the person you have become
And being proud of achieving all the things you have done.

2: Be Grateful

When you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see
That is the day you will be pleased.
You have to be thankful for everything in your life
To attract the major goals.
This will shift you away from bitterness and despair and promotes happiness.

3: Foster Forgiveness

Holding a grudge and nursing grievances will only affect you. One way to curtail these feelings is to foster forgivenessHolding a grudge and nursing grievances will only affect you. . It will make you a happy person if you detach yourself from that feeling and forgive and move on to a new bright phase of your life.

4: Remove Negative Thoughts and Feelings

You are the creator of your reality, and it is in your hands to shape your life the way you wish for it to become. I know it can be hard with negative thoughts and feelings conquering your mi, butut we need to drive that vehicle and change that behaviour.
You’ve got to believe in yourself. It will be hard, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.
No great battles were ever easily won
Don’t be afraid to take a risk for yourself.

5: Remember, What Makes You Happy And Don’t Be Afraid To Chase Your Dream

Do whatever will help you grow your inner wealth.
What works for me will most likely not work for you
Because we are all unique and that’s what makes you,
So look deep inside your mind
And recognize what it is you’re really trying to find
What makes you smile? What makes you laugh?
What really makes your bar stay high on your Life’s graph?
These are the questions you must answer.
It’s like spreading new seeds in your Life’s big planter
Once you are happy with YOU
Then you can graduate to helping others feel like you do
So pick your head up; it starts right now
Do you want to be happy? Well, you just read how
And of course, you can’t forget the easiest way:
Do what you got to do. Live Life EVERY Day.

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