How To Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost: A Guide To Self-discovery

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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How To Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost: A Guide To Self-discovery

There comes a time where we pause ourselves and feel as though it’s time to have a solid grasp on who you are and what makes you, well, you. We take that pause to consider exactly what we want from our lives and wonder how we get there. Dreams, personal values, talents, even your personality traits may not always seem to matter much in the rush of daily life. 

Finding yourself requires time, patience and a lot of courage. It can take a while as you go through a transition and understand your true calling in life and a place that makes you feel fine. Finding yourself is a deep understanding of who you are and knowing what is important to you, what motivates you and why you react and do things the way you do. It is a deep understanding that comes with a lot of self-awareness. 

If you’ve reached a point in life where you find yourself asking, “Who am I, really?” some self-discovery can help you get to know yourself a little better. Here are a few steps that will lead you in the right direction.

Start By Visualising Your Ideal Self

We all know our ideal self, which is more sorted in life, who is doing what they like and are in a place with much clarity. We see that side of us, but we start visualising ourselves as the main character of the movie of our life.

You can get a vision of your ideal self by asking yourself things like:

  • What do I want from life?
  • Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  • What makes me truly happy?
  • What is my ideal like right now?
  • What do I regret?
  • What do i love about myself?
  • What makes me proud of myself?

The answers to these questions can give you a starting place. If you get stuck, it can help to think back to when you felt fulfilled and happy and consider what contributed.

Explore Your Passions

Passions help give life purpose and make it rich and meaningful. Passion is essential as it guides you in life, makes you feel complete, and keeps you going through the day. Passions are something you perfect and make your skill, and if you find what excites you and spend hours daily building that up, it will elevate you and bring in joy. Taking some time to consider what you enjoy and look forward to most can help you discover ways to enrich your life.

Try New Things

You can find your true self when you are ready for a change in life and try new things instead of settling in your comfort zone. Explore the world, try new things, habits or skills. When you try something new and grow your knowledge, it gives you a new direction and makes you aware. These experiences lead to opportunities to learn more about yourself. You might try something new and see what a fantastic learner you are and how you are up for challenges, and putting yourself out there is fun. 

Evaluate Your Skills

Most people have a particular knack for something or other — crafting, home improvement, cooking, or any number of different skills. As part of the self-discovery process, you might consider taking some time to consider your unique abilities and how you might use them. When you know what you are good at or are learning, you can picture yourself practising it and developing it, which will increase your confidence.

Greater self-confidence, in turn, can encourage you to keep exploring these talents, along with any others you may not have noticed before.

Enjoy Your Company

You experience things differently when you do them on your own, which can help you tap deeper into who you are as a person. Try to enjoy your alone time and company by doing things you like without having others be a part of it. It is fun to have friends to make days better, but once you realise you don’t depend on others to have a good time, you understand what makes you feel better and are ready to explore the world alone and be happy on your own.

Ditch Bad Habits

Everybody has these, and kicking yours once and for all can help you align your life more closely with your values. Once you’re able to beat a bad habit, you’ll feel more powerful and will boost your self-esteem—and that can go a long way when it comes to feeling confident in who you are.

Identify What You Love About Yourself

Your values, or the specific qualities you view as most important and meaningful, can tell you a lot about your nature. These values can help illustrate the life you want to live and the behaviour you expect from others.

It can include parts like-

  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Intelligence

Learn How To Practice Mindfulness

This is one of the best methods for finding yourself. Mindfulness may seem intimidating, but simply paying attention to your breath for a minute or two is mindfulness. Start meditating to connect to yourself, keep a journal where you script the ideal life, write what you are grateful for, and find ways to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Identify What Makes You Different From Everyone Else

We tend to compare ourselves with others but do not realise that we are beautiful in our special way. There is only of you, and it is time to understand what makes you special. Is it the way you make others feel special or your kind and a big heart full of love or your sharp mind that makes the best creations? Please note what makes you unique and appreciate yourself for being different from others and trying to find its beauty.

Do Not Listen To Your Inner Critic

The day you change your inner voice is when you will change your life. Stop listening to that inner critic who constantly questions you about fitting in and reminds you about all that you lack in life. It is time we do not let our inner critic raise its voice because it will lead us to a way of self-sabotage. Take the authority away from your inner critic and listen to the voice that fills you with motivation, celebrates little victories and never makes you doubt yourself. Listen to affirmations daily like ‘’I am perfect’’ and ‘’You have still got this’’ and change your inner voice to motivate you. Doing this steps you up to get back and rock it in life.

Now Take Action And Find Your True Self, Starting Today.
We Hope You Find Yourself And That This Article Helped You In Some Way

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