How To Grow Spiritually In Life?

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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How To Grow Spiritually In Life?

Spiritual growth is a process of shedding our unreal concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and believing in the Universe and a higher force. It also makes us become more conscious and aware of our inner being and brings peace and calmness to our life. It is the inner awakening of the consciousness beyond the ordinary, everyday existence and awakening to some Universal truths.
You are ready to go beyond the mind and the ego and realize who you are.

In today’s world, it is not always easy to keep the soul nourished.
If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with God and uncover your spiritual gifts, here is what you can do today.

1: Think Positive And Calm Down Your Mind

Our minds tend to wander around, and we often get lost in a spiral of thoughts. We mainly look at the negative parts of our lives, comparing our realities with others and focusing on the lack of everything. We must take control of our minds and learn to calm down. This can happen by meditating and decluttering our minds, and removing unwanted thoughts. This will help you see the positive in life and remove the negative thoughts from your mind.

2: Identify Blessings And Be Grateful For Them Every Day

Identify a blessing that came to you from a family member or a friend, or anyone. Recognize it, appreciate it and be happy.
Give thanks to the Universe for everything you own and for everything you get or accomplish.
Be grateful for every day. Count your blessings and take out at least 10 minutes to meditate and start every day with a morning prayer of gratitude to God for the gift of a new day. Conclude every day with an evening prayer of gratitude. Be creative with your language, and speak words that will uplift and bless other people. Wish well for yourself and others, and this will make your spirit stronger.

3: Cultivate A Practice of Solitude

Being alone isn’t a bad thing because your thoughts surround you, and it is your time to change the narrative inside your head and connect with your inner self and the Universe inside you and the Universe outside. It helps you understand yourself, get more challenging, gentle and improve your character. Spend some time away from the crowd and talk to yourself and God.

God resides in you, and when you are alone, you will be guided, and in silence, our minds will fix our thoughts on the mind of God and help us find that calm, a sense of guidance and build ourselves in solitude.

4: Spread Kindness Wherever You Go And Serve People

A spiritual person is full of love, support and compassion for themselves and others. They know love and happiness is above money, and they value it and make sure to lift others with kind words. If you are guided by the Universe and have a soul full of love, greet everyone you meet and make them feel happy about themselves. Make someone’s day by giving them a sweet compliment, helping them feel beautiful in their skin, and appreciating and encouraging them when they feel confused and low.

Your words have the power to change someone, and they will make your spirit grow. Serving people is another beautiful practice. Look for ways to serve the community, especially tasks that promise no reward, such as picking up litter on the streets. God resides in every living being, and the blessings from an animal, from a plant or humans, will bring happiness your way.

5: Spend Some Time In Nature

Look at the greenery around you, take a walk outside and feel the fresh air hit your skin. Look at the flowers and the trees and appreciate the nature around you. Nature is our biggest treasure, and the more you step out and connect with it, the more you will feel nice inside. Learn to interact with nature by walking barefoot on the grass, by walking and feeling the wind, by giving water to plants, and you shall feel the love, compassion and strength of mother earth and be guided by her spirit and touch.

6: Believe God Has Great Plans For You

We all have obstacles in our life such as pressure to do something big, a series of failed relationships or our tentative career plans. When something hits or goes haywire, we tend to get into our negative mindset, question why it happened to us, and feel like our life has hit a dead end. But, with a spiritual perspective, you need to leave the worries to God and know with everything wrong comes a door that leads us to something good.

The more we cling to fear, the far we get from our happiness. Believe the Universe has aligned everything for your higher self and that the road ahead has a turn that will lead you to the perfect destiny written for you. Believe in this, and with this mindset, you shall get what is yours and find your calling in life.

You always have the freedom to choose. You can select joy over despair. You can choose love over hate. You can choose forgiveness over revenge. You can choose growth over stagnation. Acknowledge that you are a spirit with a physical body, not a physical body with a soul. Accepting this idea will change your attitude toward people, life, and the events and situations you go through. The level of the manifestation of spirituality is dependent on how much the inner spirit is close to the surface and on how much it is hidden by our thoughts, beliefs and negative habits.

Believe in the Universe, in God, in yourself and do these steps to align to your higher self and become a soul full of love, possibilities, great energy and divine guidance which serves others, finds happiness and is motivated towards excellence always.

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