How To Unlock Your Higher Self (Steps That Really Work)

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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How To Unlock Your Higher Self (Steps That Really Work)

Connecting with your higher self will help you use the Law of Attraction more effectively as it is all about self-awareness and self-knowledge and will help you discover your true purpose. Being your higher self is the core of who you are.

It is a kind of essence of who you are that goes far beyond your physical body. The limitless, eternal aspect of you is responsible for your gut feelings and the most exciting flashes of inspiration you feel. This part of you -the higher self – knows all your secrets and your deeper desires. When you work on communication with this part of yourself, your inspiration and insight sharpen and become an everyday part of your life.

We all have a pool of inner power that is unlimited, but we limit ourselves with doubts and feel like we aren’t good enough and are far from being our higher self because we aren’t able to own who we are and find that love inside and work on our potential to grow in life.

If you have ever sensed that inside of you, somewhere in this great being of Light and power, and you have a deeper purpose? Then you already have an awareness of the beautiful being of Light that you indeed are – your higher self.

Here is how you can reconnect with your Higher Self and experience more joy, happiness, peace and abundance:

Understand The Lows And Accept Life Right Now

It would be best if you connected with your lower self before connecting with your higher self. You must look into the situation, accept yourself, understand the lows and vulnerable side, and heal from the issues you have held inside. You cannot reach the higher space without accepting the now. Connect with yourself through meditation and accept your problems and heal them before connecting to the joyous part of yourself.

Accept the hurt, acknowledge it, sit with it, hug it, cry it out and let the pain go before getting ready for happiness. Heal your inner child and cross this path before taking the journey to comment with your higher self.

Forgive Others AndYourself

The past is done and dusted, and the more you hold on to it, the more you will be stuck in the same low energy. Please acknowledge that you or someone else did something wrong and learn the lesson while at the same time forgiving them and yourself for holding on to grudges.
The moment you forgive them and yourself, you let go of ego, worries, and open arms for the great things aligned for you to enter your life.

Sow The Seeds Of Positive Thoughts

You can’t control all of your thoughts, and they’ll come on their own time. But you can control how you respond to them.
Many of your thoughts are simply how the brain works, and it is free to do what it wants.
But it would help if you thought of your thoughts as seeds that grow within you.
You can easily change it and sow seeds of positivity or negativity. When you cultivate good thoughts, you live.

So, change your thoughts and emotions, change your reality, and align yourself to thoughts that serve your higher self.

Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

We pick up limiting and false beliefs in our life, which keeps us away from being all that we want in our life. These beliefs cause pain and suffering and aren’t allowing us to be our higher self. It would be best if you looked at things you believe in and why you feel that way. No one is forcing you to believe anything, and it is not a part of who you are.
Know that the day you change your beliefs is the day you will attract happiness. Stop telling yourself you aren’t worth good things because you don’t have a degree or enough money or are not good enough to get there.

Sit with yourself and resolve this and see how these FALSE beliefs restrict you from experiencing all the goodness of life. Determine to let them go and believe in yourself and that you are worth everything great! The day you get rid of the old beliefs, you shall open gates to miracles.

Fill Every Day With Gratitude

Start your day by expressing gratitude and being thankful for everything you can think of- the day, the life right now, the comfortable bed, the delicious food, your partner, the smile on your family member’s face, your family’s excellent health, a big bank balance and other things. Fill your heart with gratitude and see how your day will change. Gratitude opens doors to your true self, and the day you start appreciating minor parts, you shall attract bigger things in life.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Allow the energy you are drawing to yourself and your spirit to serve you. If it doesn’t, allow yourself to let go of it without blame, ego or judgment. This is a way to be the gatekeeper and give yourself inner guidance to banish fear, doubt and negativity from your body and mind. It would be best to clear your mind through meditation that creates the foundation for manifesting intentions for yourself in the most powerful way today. Be kind to yourself with your words, understand your emotions, let go of fears and believe you will get all you want only when you feel it inside and put it out to the universe.

Affirm What You Want

You will feel like your higher self when you control things and put out all you want to the universe.
Take your journal and write a list of things you wish to manifest for yourself through this spiritual journey.
Write the manifestation as if it is happening in the present.
You can write about manifestations coming to fruition at a particular moment in the future.
Goals, wishes, dreams and desires all deserve space on this list. Big and small manifestations all fit.

Remember, the universe is reading it, and it loves clarity and some effort from your end, and YOU are the AUTHOR of your life.
Write all you want, feel like the MAIN CHARACTER and see how you shall be aligned to your higher self.

Let Go And Let Everything Flow In

Detachment is essential because once you let it go, it will make space to flow back in your life.
Once you have stated your intentions and attached feelings to their outcomes, it is time to let them go. Your manifestations require incubation in the ether. Don’t control your manifestations; allow yourself the belief and grace to let the universe do this work for you.

Meditate And Connect With Your Spirit

Meditation is essential on the spiritual path. If you want to connect with your high self, you must calm the mind and connect to your soul through meditation. Through that inner quietness, you can then learn to listen to the voice of your True Self. Meditation is a key that will open the door to higher perception and connect you with your heart.
Focus your attention and do this daily, and soon you will allow your innate inner wisdom to flow into your awareness.

We at atoms of the universe hope the thoughts shared will help you in bringing unlimited abundance into your life. Your divine self is worthy of all that you manifest. Be it wisdom, spiritual growth, or prosperity, your goals, desires and dreams all deserve the Universe’s attention and aid. We hope you connect with your higher self and lead a life full of love, success and happiness.

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