How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Dream Job

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Dream Job

Do you dream of working at a place where you are learning a lot, are surrounded by the best set of people and have the best amount of fun while working and receiving the most incredible opportunities and getting paid well for it? It sounds like a dream job, right? But, then, we feel like we might never get there and might be stuck in a space where we aren’t getting the desired pay or the motivation to excel in our career and often feel like we won’t ever get the dream job we want.

I want to tell you that it isn’t true! Your dream job is waiting for you to claim it and with the right energy.
What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about and feel intensely about, you will bring about.
Our thoughts, which are made up of energy, can have a profound impact on our lives. You will attract into your life whatever you give your focus, energy and attention to.

Follow these steps and use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream job today.

1: Be Clear About What You Want

Clarity is the most important thing. The first step to manifest your dream job is deciding what you want.
You can’t achieve your goal if you don’t know what your dream job is. Ask yourself what do you see yourself doing and what do you want from the new position.
Be clear about what you want, in terms of salary, a work environment and growth-wise. Brainstorm options so that you can find what you enjoy and are good at.
Look at yourself five or seven years into the future and see where you see yourself. Once you’ve identified your goal, write it down and see the skillset you need to brush up or learn for it and be sure of the job and how it will change your life and enhance it.

2: Visualise What Your Dream Job Looks Like

Manifesting your dream job using the Law of Attraction requires intentional thought. It involves visualization because the power of our mind is incredible, and we often attract what we pay attention to and think about. Be more precise and deliberate about what you think and feel. Keep imagining your dream job and feel like you are there and living it. For example, imagine the desk, the power, the position, the people you work with and the money credited to your account every month.

Find pictures of your dream job and stick them up onto a vision board to see those images multiple times a day to help you visualize that future for yourself. Put details into it, and these positive thoughts will help you create your future and manifest it into reality soon.

3: Remove Limiting Beliefs And Change Your Thinking

If you’re struggling to manifest a job you enjoy, it might be because you’re holding onto limiting beliefs. These are underlying assumptions that prevent you from vibrating on the frequency of the thing you want to attract. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve great things and doubting your magic. These limiting beliefs need to be replaced if you’re going to attract great things in your life. Figure out what they are and write them down, and replace the words. Instead of saying; ”I might not be worth great things” or ”I am maybe not good enough” tell yourself, ”I am worth great things, I am working with the best people, i deserve a high paying job that i love, and i am attracting the best job that makes me happy and grows me as a person.”

Change your thoughts and appreciate yourself and keep replacing these negative thoughts by kicking them out of your mind in a few seconds and replace the words and keep boosting yourself and you shall attract the best job soon.

4: Believe In Yourself And That You Can Get There

If you believe in yourself and your power, nothing in this world can stop you from shining bright. We need to believe in our potential, dreams and goals and that no matter what happens, we will get there. The day you feel this way, the entire universe will conspire to make it true, and everything will come your way. Grow this mindset by adding a visualization practise to your daily routine. This approach will help you believe in yourself and feel as if you have it all. Keep believing in yourself, and you will naturally become more motivated to reach your goals, and the dream job will come your way.

5: Take Action Towards Your Goal

You have visualized your goal, and you have a great mindset, and everything is in line. All that you need to do now is to take steps towards the goal. If you want to become a designer, then practise the art; if you want a business, research and take a risk or develop or brush a skill you need for your dream job. Thoughts are useless without action.

Some of these steps will be clear-cut, like taking an acting class if you want to be a professional actor or enrolling in a certification course that your job requires. Just take action, take the baby steps, be clear, and put in the hard work that the universe knows you want it, and you shall attract this dream job soon, and it shall bring a lot of happiness, opportunities, growth, and value to your life.

Affirmations are simple phrases that capture your positive intentions and keep you focused on believing that you can attract what you want. You can recite these phrases first thing in the morning, and they help to change your mindset, and while speaking, you are sending a great message to the universe who is listening to it and making your thoughts come true. Here are a few affirmations you can say to attract your dream job.

  • I am manifesting my dream job.
  • I am manifesting a positive work environment.
  • I trust that the universe will bring me a new job I love.
  • I love my new job, and i am so grateful for this opportunity.
  • I am open, excited and grateful for the opportunities life provides.
  • Today is the day that I begin my dream career. I am delighted and grateful.
  • I am grateful for being guided to the perfect job for me.
  • My workplace is super cool, and such lovely people surround me.
  • My colleagues are super friendly and helpful.
  • The people at my new job are very appreciative of me.
  • My new job is exciting, challenging and life-affirming.
  • I am delighted that my new job is perfect for me.
  • I am a perfect match for my new job.
  • I am paid so well for my work, and i am happy with my salary.
  • I am valued at my new job, and the payment is much more than what i expected.
  • I am in power in my new job, and i make the most of my position and give my best to my work.
  • My new job is a blessing, and I am grateful.
  • My new job is a positive change in my life.
  • My new job is what I envisioned for myself. For this, I am grateful.
  • My new career is an opportunity that I am thoroughly prepared to take on.
  • I love my life and am super grateful this amazing opportunity.

By doing these steps, you are closer to where you want to be. Mix your thoughts and actions, along with a lot of gratitude, and you will create the life that you want.

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