Life Lessons From The Bhagavad Gita That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

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Life Lessons From The Bhagavad Gita That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

The Bhagavad Gita contains quotes that throw light on the lost path for the confused mind, and it propagates the best words of wisdom. The Bhagavad Gita is the discourse between Lord Krishna and Arjun before the start of the Kurukshetra war. The teachings by Lord Krishna helped change Arjun’s perspective about life and, thus, his life path. While this book is many centuries old, the logic and knowledge in its every word still make it a timeless guide.

The Gita will help you get a deep insight into the how’s and why’s of everyday life, and there are several benefits of reading the Bhagavad Gita. In this holy book, Lord Krishna clarified Arjuna’s doubts by stating the principles of the world. The same principles can solve many of our life problems even in the present day.

Read the lessons below, and we are sure they will guide you and help the mind focus on the goal.

1- Have The Right Perspective

Just before the Kurukshetra war was about to begin, Arjun felt confused and discouraged, and he refused to fight as he failed to visualize the outcome of his actions. Perceiving things in the right way plays a critical role in helping us understand what we should do, why we should do it, our position in the scheme of things, and how they shape our attitude.

2- Don’t Think About The Fruits Of Your Actions

The Bhagavad Gita focuses on the importance of doing your duty rather than on the goal. When you focus on the rewards, you become prone to worries in case of failure.
When we work, keeping the fruits of our labour in mind, we can never really give our best. It’s because we are overly obsessed with the possible rewards. You also get depressed if the result is not positive. So it is always advisable to concentrate on the target, and you can get more rewards after attaining the goal. Therefore, just doing our work without really thinking about its result should be our motive. Find contentment in the journey you are on, regardless of the outcome.

3- Recognize and Accept Equality in Life

Life will guide any person towards achieving knowledge. After facing many challenges in life, you tend to see all living and non-living beings as equal. Let it be any circumstance – the feeling of suffering and joy will mean the same. This teaches you to be compassionate and value others. This makes you realize, the bodies are different, but the soul is one. And that is the ultimate truth. With compassion and empathy, you will be able to live a better life.

4- Remember That Our Soul Never Dies

Our body is made up of fire, water, wind and earth, and it combines with them and after death when we turn into ashes or are buried with them. We are of nature, and we belong with them, but our soul never dies even after our death. It continues to exist and is immortal. Only the body changes after death, our soul lives on, and we might take new forms, but the soul will remain the same. Nurture your soul with love, with compassion and make this life about spiritual gains over material gains and attract good karma for your soul because it will live on.

5- Accept That Nothing Is Permanent

Things may not be the same, the way they used to be. Things and circumstances change. We should neither expect people nor surroundings to be the same. They all change with time, and we move ahead. Change is Permanent, and this is Universal Law. Even our Mother Earth is in constant rotation, and she never stops. After the night comes a day, those who have failed in their attempts could take heart from this example and keep striving for success. And, those who are going through bad times must keep persevering until they can change the tide. When you accept change as a part of life, you can handle all the challenging situations calmly and won’t fear change but embrace it in a significant way and make the most of it.

6- You Are Born Empty-handed, And Will Leave Empty-handed

khali haath aaye the hum khali haath jayenge. You entered this world with your body and soul, and you will leave the world with just that. You are born to fulfil a purpose, serve others, gain experience, live and make the most of the world, and live a good life, but you will not take your wealth or material possessions to your grave. So, live life and don’t fixate on material gains. It is temporary.

So, have a rich heart, soul, and mind full of experiences and love, and that is what matters in the end.

7- Lust, Anger And Greed Are Ways To Self Destruction

Lust, anger and greed are the opposite of the principles of life and are harmful to the entire humanity. Extreme craving for lust will make you go the wrong way, and anger will make you lose relationships and bring a bad part of you, and greed will make you take the wrong steps and keep you away from your absolute truth and into a road where you do anything to fulfil a desire. The body and soul often become hosts for such issues, but we must control them and be calm. Once we are on the right path with a good balance and control of our emotions, we will live the best life and attract the best of everything instead of chasing them.

8- You Will Make Your Life Based On Your Beliefs

Your thoughts define your life and often write your destiny. If you focus on the positive even in tough times, you will be happy, and if you let revenge or sadness in then, you will attract negativity and toxic things in your life. The Gita tells us that our thoughts make our reality, and even in tough times, we need to feel good and know that if we are happy and have positive thoughts, everything we want will come true. So, please don’t fixate on the negative parts; let go and get rid of past and unwanted thoughts. Sow seeds of positive thoughts and have good beliefs and make them your reality.

9- Admit Tolerance And Forgiveness

Both tolerance and forgiveness are crucial to maintaining the relationship and also nurturing it.
Tolerance will let you get through hard times of life, and with forgiveness, you will overcome grudges and be able to move on to new chapters of life. Develop feelings of love and empathy, and also leads to overcome from divisive thoughts.

10- Whatever Happens Is Only For The Good Future (Dream Big And Be Fearless)

Whatever happens in our life, good or bad, it is for our best. Everything happens for a reason, and we need to believe it is for our best because there is a path of learning guiding us to our ultimate higher self. Be proud, take small steps, and don’t fear failure; embrace it, learn from it, and grow and dream big. The Gita says do not be doubtful or scared about dreaming big and put the required effort to make it come true. At the same time, Never let more manageable goals distract you and make you lose your focus. It may be challenging but not impossible.

You are your own best friend. If you have a problem, only you will have a solution to it, and not your friend. To find answers to your questions, you will have to look within. There is a Krishna inside us guiding the Arjuna always! Believe in yourself and connect with your inner soul and find answers by meditating, taking a walk in nature, leaving the other worries in the air and focusing on your breath and the sound of your spirit.

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