How To Not Get Disturbed And Irritated?

Shillpi S Banerrji

Shillpi S Banerrji

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How To Not Get Disturbed And Irritated?

We often have those days when we are disturbed by our thoughts or by the actions of others, and it causes us to be stressed or be angry. It might be that someone is tapping their feet loudly, burping loudly or doing anything that irks you, or it might simply be a thread of negative thoughts of our limiting beliefs that conquer our head and often cause us stress. While stress is natural, we must stop creating a chain of negative thoughts and feelings. No matter how huge the other person’s mistake is, this virtue creates understanding, acceptance and empathy, which are all needed before offering advice or correction to the other person.

Compassion is essential for our peace and mental stability; it is necessary for human survival if you go through phases and moments in life.

We need peace, purity, happiness, love and respect for our survival, but we create anger, frustration and stress over the actions of others.
You need to think for a minute, why are you creating this list of negative emotions? Can something small trigger you so much, and why are you giving it the power to rule your mood or change it?

When you know water and air are suitable for your soul, and similarly, happiness and a peaceful state of mind will make you glow, why are you doing the opposite? Why are you putting yourself in that place where you are disturbed?

Sometimes the ”Problem is inside you,” and it is in your view of life, your perceptions, people, fight outside situations and circumstances without getting any relief; this approach will never help. It would help if you resolved issues, sat with them, and healed with them. Be an observer of your actions and see what you are doing and why you are bothered by such a little thing.

Ask yourself; when you know that the qualities make you powerful and that soul power gives you fantastic physical, mental health, beautiful relationships, and success in your career, why are you still focusing on the negative parts and limiting your power to grow in life?

At this moment, peace is your natural quality.
Remember that you don’t need to create peace.
Peace is who you are.
It is the Dharma of the soul.

If you watch a particular TV channel at night, switching on the TV the following day will start with the same channel.
Unless you change the channel, this means you have the power to change your emotions and press the button to either think negatively and focus on being distributed or be peaceful and content.

Here are some ways through which you can achieve that much-needed distraction from your anxious thoughts and shift your state of mind.

1. Admit

Admit that; yes! You indeed are thinking about things that are causing you to drift away and make you feel the wrong set of emotions.
Admit it, say it out loud or write it down. Let your ruminations run wild in your conscious state, accept it, try to make sense of why it made you react a certain way, and acknowledge the feeling. It would change the flow of thoughts from intrusive to intentional, thus blocking the disturbance.

2. Observe The Thought

Please find a way to counter face the thoughts and observe them and realize that the thought circling your mind is ridiculous by actually counting on its statistics. Is that thought even worth your mental peace, and why are you letting something small get so considerable? Observe your thoughts and contemplate them, and know thoughts and feelings are temporary, and you are permanent. Do not get disturbed and react; take time to analyze your thoughts and then work on them.

3. Immerse Yourself In An Activity

When you are busy and indulging in an activity and not focusing on your thoughts in your leisure time, you will make the most of the time and automatically kick all the feelings from your sister. Do things like taking a walk, watching a movie, developing a skill or anything to take your mind off and get into an activity and finish it. You will be satisfied with your hard work and achievement and, in the end, feel good about yourself.

4. Improve Your Discipline And Focus On The Now

Start meditating and focus in practice. It’s an excellent method for building focus ability, de-stressing, and giving you greater control over your emotions.
You should set a routine and see how much time you spend overthinking and how much time you spend being productive.
The more you enjoy your work and have a dedicated routine, you won’t waste your time holding on to emotions that don’t serve you, and you will be able to move on from a disturbed state of mind to an active one.

When we understand that the other soul is in this situation and is handling things based on his capacity, he might have had such an upbringing, and his environment could be different from ours. We need to understand and accept them instead of reacting to their actions and disturbing ourselves. We create irritation. We should not say other people irritate us, and we need to change this profoundly ingrained vocabulary. Other people are not irritating you.

Everyone is different, and we need to accept the diversity and be happy in our skin. You have to finish your irritation, and for that, you will need to understand the other person’s Karma and accept them. As soon as your irritation gets over, the original soul qualities are already present in you, and you find peace inside. 

Remember, the person creating compassion, his soul power increases, and he can’t be disturbed by little things in life. By the traffic, the sound of people, the habits, the negative thoughts or anything outside because we are in control of ourselves, and we accept and detach from these feelings and find happiness within.

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