Signs The Universe Wants You With Someone Special

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Signs The Universe Wants You With Someone Special

Are you thinking about when you will find that special someone? When will you finally be in love with someone who is head over heels in love with you and will make life better with their presence? Maybe you were dating the wrong people who didn’t match your energy, and that is why you didn’t find the spark, and that is why it ended because they weren’t the right ones for you. We all have a past, and if it ends on a strange note, we tend to feel like we don’t deserve love, and maybe there is no one for us. But, that is not true. You see, when someone leaves, they open the door to someone new to enter. The universe loves you and has great plans for you, and with this hurt, they are opening doors and aligning the person for you who is the right one and someone you truly deserve.

Stop feeling like the universe doesn’t have your back when you’re searching for “The One”.
There are plenty of signs the universe wants you to be with someone that you may have never realized.

When we put out the intention to find love, the universe delivers it. The universe nudges us in directions to get you there, but often we ignore it and aren’t patient enough. The universe shows us green and red flags and often gives us signs to attract the love we desire and bring us closer to our soulmates, and we just aren’t paying enough attention.

Here are a few signs from the universe that love is coming your way.

You Are Finally Done Settling With The Wrong Ones

We attract the best things in our life when we are at peace and happy by ourselves. The universe sends the best vibration and energies our way when we are at a place where we aren’t stressing much, believe in ourselves, and are happy with little things in life. This mindset is a magnet for the best miracles. When you’re happy, and in a good place in your life, you will attract people who also feel good about themselves.

The perfect partner will show up when you truly know, love, and embrace who you are and are happy.
Take out time to know what makes you happy and fall in love with yourself first. This way, you will draw the soulmate, and your vibration will attract them easily.

You Keep Seeing The Sequence Of Numbers

Ever caught yourself wondering why you see the number ”1111” or ”222” ”333” and ‘444”?
They are also known as ‘angel numbers’.
The universe has a unique way of beckoning the love of your life through the manifestation of number sequences.
This signifies that one crucial phase of your life has ended, and something different is about to begin.

So, keep believing in the power of the universe and know it talks to us through numbers, through happy days, through silence and is sending the true love our way and wants to see us glowing with happiness and love always.

You Know What You Want From A Partner

We receive what we want the moment we are transparent with our intentions. If you want a caring and giving partner and exactly knows the kind of person you want to spend your life with, then the universe works fast on delivering it your way. The universe understands clear intentions and pictures, and the moment you know what you want and think about it, the universe makes it come your way. Your thoughts have the power to create your reality.

So, have a clear picture of the person you want, and he/she shall come into your life.

You See Signs Of Love Everywhere

Spotting romantic details all around let people predict when the universe wants them to get in touch with their more loving side.
If you look at couples in love, look at flowers and colours of love and feel happy, then know that cupids arrow is coming your way.
Embrace the fluffy, romantic signs in your life; you’re probably close to meeting the partner you’ve been waiting for.

You Know The Timing Is Right

When the timing is correct, the universe will bring you together with someone at the same place in life.
If you believe you are ready to be in love and know it’s the right time to open your heart and let someone in, then it shall come your way.
Once the emotional scars and past regrets are healed, and you have more wisdom and openness towards people, you shall attract everything right at the right time.

You Have Trust In The Universe

Trusting in the universe can lead you to a more precise way with love.
Have more faith in the kindness of the universe and let it guide you towards your higher self.
The universe is always working behind the scenes to give you a good life.
Appreciate it and talk to the universe by journaling and thanking and being grateful for your family, life and necessities. The universe shall make all that you want coming your way.

The stars and aligned, and the signs are to meet your special someone. Believe in the universe and the power of love. You shall get what you truly desire for and soon, you will be reading this article with your special someone and thanking the universe for their existence. We hope you get it all. May you be surrounded by love always.

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